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  • Engage with learners throughout their education journey and work closely with the CPAWSB Learner Support team to create a positive learning experience.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication channels to keep all participants informed about program progress and achievements.
  • Gather learner feedback to ensure program success and continuous improvement.
  • Help partners and CPAWSB employees in hosting diverse learners, creating a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.
  • Consult various partners, assist with program recruitment, registration, and retention initiatives, as required.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with external partners, internal department leads, and subject matter experts to enhance program development and delivery.
  • Collaborate with key interested parties, including Indigenous subject matter experts, community leaders, educators, and staff, to gather input and insights for program development and delivery.
  • Engage and work with community and cultural-based organizations, as required.
  • Engage with partners in various sectors to identify opportunities for CPAWSB program development and/or enhancement.
  • Coordinate program logistics, including scheduling, resource allocation, and participant engagement.  
  • Support and/or coordinate venue/facility selection and related requirements, and learner travel.
  • Participate in event planning and preparation. 
  • Be accessible and promptly address any emerging needs during scheduled learning sessions or events.
  • Communicate relevant facility and operations information to the impacted parties to ensure they are informed of details that affect them.