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Overview of IFAC Pathway

If you have:

  • A recognized post-secondary degree and at least three years of relevant experience* OR 
  • do not have a recognized post-secondary degree but at least eight years of relevant experience*


  • May be granted challenge exams for Core 1, Core 2, and the two elective modules
  • Must complete the Capstone 1 and Capstone 2 modules
  • Must pass the Common Final Exam (CFE)

If you have: 

  • A recognized post-secondary degree with less than three years of relevant experience* or 
  • do not have a recognized post-secondary degree with less than eight years of relevant experience*, 


  • Must begin CPA PEP at Core 1, with no challenge exam opportunities
  • Must complete the entire CPA PEP program
  • Must pass the Common Final Examination (CFE)

*Relevant experience is defined and assessed as experience in any of the CPA technical competency areas: Financial Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Finance, and Taxation

  • IFAC member applicants with a degree and at least three years of relevant experience must have developed any two competency sub-areas to at least Level 1 proficiency as identified in the CPA Practical Experience Requirements.
  • IFAC member applicants with no degree and eight years of relevant experience must have developed any four competency sub-areas to at least Level 1 proficiency, as identified in the CPA Practical Experience Requirements.        

To become a CPA, you will need to obtain 30 months of relevant practical experience. In addition to CPAWSB assessing your relevant experience towards the academic bridging placement as stated above, the Practical Experience Review Committee can assess your practical experience for eligibility for exemptions towards the 30-month requirement. 

The academic bridging assessment is completed separately from the experience bridging assessment. 
Applicants will receive experience bridging forms and instructions when they receive their academic bridging results.
You can submit your admission application and begin the CPA PEP modules once the academic bridging assessment is completed even if your experience bridging is still being assessed.

Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or persons who are otherwise lawfully permitted to work and study in Canada may be enrolled in the CPA PEP program. For details on the Canadian immigration process, please visit the Canadian government website or contact your local embassy. CPAWSB is not involved in the immigration process, nor do we provide housing or funding. Once admitted to CPA PEP, CPAWSB will be able to provide you with a letter of status to aid you in your application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

For more information, please refer to the Information for International Applicants.

Admission Process

  1. Visit My CPA Portal and click on the Create a My CPA Profile link using a desktop or laptop with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 
  2. Enter your legal name when creating your profile.   
  3. Select your residency status in Canada: Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident (of Canada), or Temporary Resident (of Canada).  
  4. Enter all completed and in-progress post-secondary education and designation information, even if you don’t plan to submit documents for that education/designation history. 
  5. Activate your profile by setting your password. You will receive instructions via email shortly after creating your profile.  



Review the resources above and if you still have unanswered questions about creating, accessing, or navigating your profile, please contact an Admission Advisor by emailing or calling 1.866.420.2350 ext. 6001. 

The transcript assessment determines your eligibility to enroll in CPA PEP and indicates what, if any, education requirements are outstanding that can be fulfilled through CPA preparatory courses or a post-secondary institution.

You need to reside in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon) to enroll in the CPA program with CPAWSB. However, you may apply for a transcript assessment, from your home country to confirm your eligibility for the CPA program. 

To submit a transcript assessment request:

  1. Log into My CPA Portal
  5. Use the document checklist to determine which documents to submit for the assessment. 
  6. Review your transcript assessment order.
  7. Click on the MAKE PAYMENT button.
    The non-refundable transcript assessment fee is $100 + GST and subject to change.

Note: To avoid misplacement of mailed documents, request and pay for a transcript assessment before arranging for documents to be sent to CPAWSB. 


To help us determine any possible exemptions, provide the following documents:

  • A detailed resume outlining your employment and education history
  • A letter of good standing confirming your membership with your accounting body. At minimum this letter should indicate:
    • That you are an active member in good standing.
    • The date that you became a member
      If your accounting body does not issue letters that indicate the date membership your was obtained, please provide this explanation in writing to
  • An official transcript submitted from the international accounting body
  • A third-party academic education evaluation
    • The third-party assessment must be completed by one of the registered assessment services within the Alliance of Credential Evaluations Services of Canada (ACESC). The ACESC verifies the Canadian equivalency of your international education credentials. A basic assessment of your non-Canadian credentials is adequate.

All official documents submitted for transcript assessment must be mailed directly by the issuing institutions in a sealed (unopened) envelope to: 

CPA Western School of Business
201, 1074 - 103A Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta T6W 2P6

If your institution offers electronic official documents, please request them to be emailed to:

You will receive an email notification when your Transcript Assessment results are available. It will include your next steps.

Note: Do not send documents to provincial CPA offices as this may result in significant delay in completing your transcript assessment. Non-English documents require translation and must be submitted to CPAWSB by a certified translator.

To view your assessment results, log into My CPA Profile and click on PROGRAM ADMISSION and then TRANSCRIPT ASSESSMENT.

You will see your requested transcript assessment listed with a ‘Completed’ status.

Your transcript assessment will indicate your eligibility status as one of the following:

  • PEP Eligible: You have met all requirements for CPA PEP and no further action is required on your transcript assessment. You can proceed to Step 5.
  • PEP Conditional Core 1: You have been conditionally accepted for PEP and are eligible to participate in Core 1. Please refer to the assessor comments for information on remaining requirements to be completed.

Note: If you believe something was missed or a possible error was made on your assessment, contact the Transcript Assessment team by emailing or calling 1.866.420.2350 ext. 6002 to speak with the Admission Advising team. 


If you are a temporary resident of Canada, a study permit is required, a study permit is required before you can apply for an admission into CPA PEP.

Admission applications for CPA PEP are accepted throughout the year. Wait for your admission application to be approved before you can register into a CPA PEP module.

Submit an admission application at least 3 to 5 business days before the registration period closes to ensure the admission application is processed with enough time for you to log into your portal and register. The school cannot guarantee that admission applications submitted within three days before the registration period closes will be approved in time for you to register.

How to Submit an Admission Application for CPA PEP:

  • In your My CPA portal, click on Program Admission and then Admission Application to complete your admission application
  • In the admission application, please select International Designate as your registration category. 
  • You will receive an email when your admission application has been approved. 

Note: You need to reside in Western Canada to enroll in CPA PEP or CPA preparatory courses with CPAWSB.