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Experience verification provides flexibility in your role but requires more reporting. You choose the employer, provided the role allows you to demonstrate competencies and gain relevant practical experience.

Pre-approved programs are training positions that have been approved by the CPA profession and designed for you to meet the practical experience requirements within 30 months. Qualifying experience for the audit and review (where applicable) streams of public accounting can be gained only through the pre-approved programs. Each provincial CPA body lists pre-approved offices on its website.

Regardless of the route you choose, you are required to complete a minimum of 30 months of relevant practical experience and develop both technical and enabling competencies as per the CPA Competency Map.

Practical experience is evaluated based on six Technical competencies and five Enabling competencies.

Technical Competencies Enabling Competencies
1. Financial Reporting  1. Professional and ethical behaviour
2. Management Accounting 2. Problem-solving and Decision-making
3. Strategy and Governance 3. Communication
4. Taxation 4. Self-management
5. Finance 5. Teamwork and leadership
6. Audit and Assurance  


CPA mentorship is an essential part of practical experience. You will submit experience reports and meet with your mentor semi-annually.

If you plan to practice public accounting, you will need to meet specific practical experience requirements. Regulations and bylaws of the provincial/regional body and the specific licensing regime or authority to control public accounting take precedence over general CPA certification requirements.

After your CPA PEP admission application is approved and you are actively reporting in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT), up to 12 months of qualifying prior experience may be recognized. If you are unsure whether your past experience, current role, or an upcoming opportunity is relevant for the CPA Practical Experience Requirements, you can use the Practical Experience Self-Assessment Tool.