CPA PEP Plagiarism Investigation Process

Dec 14, 2016

CPA PEP modules have assignments due throughout the eight weeks that they run. During that time, we review each submission for plagiarism using software, online sources, reviewers, and other detection methods.

Although we review all candidate submissions throughout each module, we only contact candidates suspected of plagiarism after the module is completed. For example, if we detect that a candidate might have committed plagiarism in the second week of the module, that candidate won’t hear from the School about the suspected plagiarism until the module has finished.

This allows us to process all plagiarism investigations at the same time.

Penalties for plagiarism can include:

  • Issuing the candidate a fine
  • Requiring the candidate to repeat the module
  • Sending a letter to the candidate’s employer
  • Sending a report of the offence to the candidate’s provincial regulatory CPA body
  • Suspending or expelling the candidate from the CPA program

So, even though candidates who use someone else’s work to complete an assignment don’t hear from us right away, we are watching, and catching up with them. For more information, visit the CPAWSB website.