Advice for Capstone 2 Candidates Part 2

Jul 26, 2017

This is the second in a two-part series on the CPA PEP Capstone 2 module. We shared the first post last week with advice from successful candidates Sandy and Riley, and this week we share advice from Jenny, a Capstone facilitator.

Study Approaches:

Successful candidates debrief and they dedicate time to doing it from the beginning of Capstone 2. Successful candidates will often perform two debriefs: the first as soon as they finish writing the case. They do the second debrief after they receive feedback from the national marking centre and involves, in part, comparing their self assessment to the one made by the marker.

Study Tools:

Capstone 2 candidates have access to many resources, including case debrief notes, case walkthroughs, case debrief videos and flashcards. While candidates are not expected to use all of the Capstone 2 resources for every case they debrief, they are expected to determine which will work best for the particular skill they are focusing on (outlining, achieving breadth to their response, achieving depth to their response, etc.).

Overcoming Anxieties:

Before starting the module, candidates often spend a lot of time worrying they don’t have the technical knowledge they need for Capstone 2 and the CFE. While it is true that candidates are often a bit rusty on their technical knowledge at the beginning of Capstone 2, if they are debriefing their case responses and building in time for technical study in areas of weakness throughout the module, this is usually enough to bring their technical knowledge up to an adequate level for the CFE.

Final Words of Advice:

First, I recommend candidates study responsibly. It is easy for candidates to become overwhelmed and feel that they can only achieve success on the CFE if they study around the clock. As experienced facilitators and coaches, we know that studying too much and not taking a break to recharge can lead to burn out, which can significantly hinder performance on the CFE.

If you have any further questions, contact your facilitator.