Connecting from Near and Far

Sep 20, 2017

With CPA education delivered primarily online and with limited opportunities to meet instructors or peers face-to-face, it can be tricky to navigate your courses and find help when you need it. Here are some ways that you can stay connected with other students and candidates and get the most out of your education, whether you live in a remote location or a big city.

This is the second in a series of posts about online education. Last week we posted some tips for getting started with online learning.

D2L Discussion Board

The online discussion board in D2L is a great way to discuss module content, (while following academic integrity policies), and reach out to other candidates in your module.

Study Groups

Study groups are an excellent way to connect. The School facilitates the creation of study groups to connect students and candidates with each other. Before your module begins, you will receive an invitation to complete a survey to express interest in joining or creating a study group. Anyone who completes the survey and provides their consent receives a spreadsheet approximately two weeks before the module starts with contact information for others in their area who have also completed the survey and provided their consent. Whether you find a single person to study with (virtually or in-person) or join a larger group, study groups are a great source of support and an excellent networking tool for students and candidates. We have previously covered guidelines and what to look for in study partners.


The School has started to offer to connect students and candidates with facilitators and session leaders who are interested in being tutors. Students are provided with a list of potential tutors and are responsible for negotiating with the tutors, including arranging their own schedules and fees.

Workshops and In-Class Lectures

In addition to the focus on learning, CPA PEP module workshops and CPA preparatory course in-class lectures are an opportunity for candidates and students to find study partners and network with others working towards entering the CPA profession.


CPA preparatory core course webinars are usually held twice a week on weekday evenings and are live sessions with an instructor with a Q&A session at the end. This can be a good in-between learning opportunity for those looking to have in-class and online elements. If you are connecting from far away, these webinars can be a good opportunity for learning and discussion with other students and instructors in real time.

Our next post will include a list of online resources to help with your CPA studies.