How and Why to Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Aug 16, 2017

Keeping your contact information accurate and complete will help CPAWSB provide you information, feedback, and faster assistance. Because your provincial body, CPA Canada, and CPAWSB share responsibilities related to CPA education and certification, there are a few places you need to update your contact details, with the most important being your name, email address, phone number, provincial CPA body, and work information. It’s also important that the information in D2L, My CPA Portal, and PERT are consistent.

Below we outline how and why to ensure we have your contact information and how to update us if something changes.


Stick to your legal name. From when you apply to the School until you complete your studies, we use your name to help identify you. Using the same name on your documents and within My CPA Portal and Desire2Learn will help us respond to your questions faster and prevents delays when we process your admission application, assign you to cohorts, or fulfill your graduation request, etc.

For example, if your legal name is John Johnson, it should appear on all your documents, even if you use nick names or variations (Jonny, Jon, Johnny, John Squared, etc.). You can indicate a “preferred name” for the School to use in communications with you, but your legal name should appear in the first name field and on your documents.

Tell us if your name changes. If your marital status changes while studying at CPAWSB and you want to change your name, send us a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce document that shows your new full name.

  • You can change your name in your My CPA portal through the My Profile section. Notify of the name change and include the documentation.
  • To change your name in D2L, email and we will contact CPA Canada to update your information.
  • If you have alerted us and provided documentation to support your name change, the provinces will be alerted through a monthly report.


When we need to contact you about your transcript assessment, admission application, or your CPA studies, we use the email address in your My CPA profile. You can provide a personal and a business email in your profile and specify which one you prefer the School use to communicate with you. If you select the business email address, you will need to update it if you change employers. You can update your email address in the My Profile section of My CPA portal.

Phone Number

In special situations, for example, a last-minute change to workshop or exam location, we will phone you. If we can’t reach you because the phone number in your profile is out-of-date, you will be considered to have missed the workshop or assessed an exam attempt. You can update your phone number in the My Profile section of My CPA Portal.

Governing Body

If you move provinces, you will need to update the provincial CPA body you are affiliated with. You cannot change this information yourself, so contact indicating you intend to change your governing body and we will provide you with next steps.

Work Information

If your employment information changes, update your employer and check your settings in My CPA Portal by going to My Profile > Contact Information. You will also need to alert your provincial CPA body to ensure your practical experience requirements are appropriately tracked.

If you are a candidates in CPA PEP, you can grant the School permission to disclose your CPA academic results and academic standing to your employer by selecting the Employment tab from the five options on the Contact Information page. The consent field is located at the bottom of the Employment tab on the left side of the screen. You must “check” the box to provide your consent. If you select this option, the School will disclose your results to the employer you have listed in My CPA portal.