Missed CPA PEP Registration? Your Options

Aug 24, 2017

If you woke up this week realizing that you forgot to register in a CPA PEP module for the upcoming fall session, you have some options. Below, we outline them for you.

Option 1:

Wait. Look at your schedule and consider whether you can wait until the next offering to take the module. Set yourself a reminder (or two) for the next registration period.

Option 2:

The Wait List. After registration closes, you may still have the opportunity to register for a module; however, as you missed the deadline, you will need to add yourself to the Wait List. We review it every week and close it one week before the module starts. 

To register for the Wait List:

  • Log into My CPA portal
  • Select Module Registration
  • Select the session
  • Click on Wait List for the module.

To join the Wait List you will need to pay a non-refundable $310 fee in addition to the module fee. We cannot guaranteed your choice of workshop or exam locations until after the Wait List has been reviewed.

After the review is complete, you will receive an email confirming availability in the module and indicating which locations you have been approved to attend for the workshop and exam. You will have two business days from when you receive that email to log into My CPA Portal and register for the module.

Points to remember:

  • The module schedule is posted a year in advance on the School website. The schedule lists the registration period, start date, workshop dates, exam date and the results release date.
  • We do not send registration reminders. You are expected to review the schedule, decide which session you want to participate in, and register during the module registration period.
  • The Wait List is for CPA PEP registration only and CPA preparatory courses do not have a wait list. Should you miss the registration deadline for CPA preparatory courses, contact the admissions services team at prepapplication@cpawsb.ca for next steps.
  • Contact cpamodule@cpawsb.ca with questions about CPA PEP late registration.

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