Academic Integrity: Updated Plagiarism Policy

May 30, 2018

As a future professional accountant, you are expected to display high standards of ethical behavior and integrity. The assignments and examinations delivered through the CPA education programs are intended to assist in the development of competencies required of professional accountants.

Below we introduce the updated plagiarism policy, clarify what constitutes as breaches in the policy, and link contact information for any additional questions.

What is the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy?

The CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy is a national plagiarism policy that applies to learners in the CPA preparatory courses and CPA Professional Education Program. The policy was developed nationally to ensure consistency between all regions and programs. In Western Canada, the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy came into in effect in January 2018. It is important that you are aware of the nation-wide policies during your time at the School as plagiarism in any form is not tolerated.

What would be considered a breach in the policy?

Some examples of actions considered to be breaches of the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy are:

  • Submitting another learner’s work as your own;
  • Using material from another source (such as Student Notes, Learning eBook content, CPA provided solutions, websites etc.) without proper citation and submitting it as your own work;
  • Sharing your work with others (including electronic files);
  • Including the words, ideas, work, or data of another person without reference to the original author or source;
  • Theft of someone else’s work

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What happens if you are found to have breached the policy?

CPAWSB reviews all assignments for plagiarism each academic session. If you are found to have engaged in plagiarism, you will be subject to the penalties defined in the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy.

Where can you find information about the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy?

You can find the CPA Canada Plagiarism Policy and the plagiarism review process on the CPAWSB Website.

Any questions regarding the plagiarism policy should be directed to for preparatory course students and for CPA PEP candidates. Both students and candidates can contact us over the phone at 1-866-420-2350 as well.