CPA Western School of Business status letters

Oct 10, 2018

There are many reasons why CPA learners would need a letter to confirm their enrollment in the CPA Western School of Business. Most often, these letters are requested by a potential employer, a financial institution for education financing, student discounts, or study permits. The CPA Western School of Business refers to these letters as “official status letters”. Registered CPA PEP candidates or CPA preparatory course students can request an official status letter.  

CPA PEP Candidates   

The CPA PEP Candidate status letter will include the date of registration in CPA PEP. It will also list all the modules successfully completed, currently in progress, or upcoming modules they are registered in. Any unsuccessful module attempts will not be included in a status letter.  

CPA preparatory course students  

CPA preparatory course students may also request a status letter. The letter confirms their standing in the preparatory courses. The letter also lists the outstanding courses the student needs to finish before becoming eligible for CPA PEP.  

Where to request an official status letter 

Learners can securely request a hard copy ($35.00) or a soft copy (no charge) through the My CPA Portal. The standard processing time for an official status letter is five to seven business days. There is an option for a two-day rush processing, for a fee ($35.00).

For more information about official status letters, please contact the appropriate email address below. 


CPA preparatory courses: