Meet Your CPA Preparatory Course Advising Team

Aug 8, 2018

In this series, we profile the different teams responsible for CPA preparatory course administration, so you can better understand what each team does, and who reach out to with your questions.

In the second part of this series, we introduce the CPA preparatory course advising team, usually your second point of contact.

What does the Advising Team do?

The CPA preparatory course Advising Team comprises two people located in Vancouver and Winnipeg. They help anyone who wants to know more about CPA preparatory courses including course registration (after a student has registered in the course), course withdrawal, exams, or transcript assessment questions.

Common actions the team helps with

Contact the team if you have any questions, especially related to:

  • Deciding whether registering in CPA preparatory courses works for you
  • Developing an educational plan, including selecting appropriate timetables and courses/equivalent post-secondary courses
  • Preparing letters to support study permit applications
  • Obtaining Letters of Permission when required by a post-secondary institution
  • Registering for courses while waiting for your transfer credit to be processed
  • Confirming exam dates and times so that there aren’t any conflicts

Contacting the Advising Team

The Advising Team is here to assist you while you are enrolled in preparatory courses and can be reached by email at

When sending an email, include your name and student ID, along with a description of your situation or the question you are asking. You should expect to hear from the team one-to-two business days after they receive your message.