New Canadians, New CPA Learners

Oct 17, 2018

Settling somewhere new can be daunting. If you are new to Canada and looking to enroll with the CPA Western School of Business to become a CPA, these handy resources will help you find what is most relevant to becoming a CPA in Western Canada. 

You’ll need to complete an international credential evaluation first. The next step is to have your transcripts assessed by the CPA Western School of Business. The CPAWSB transcript assessment will determine if any exemptions are granted. You will likely need to complete some prerequisites (either through CPA preparatory courses or a domestic post-secondary institution) then move on to complete CPA PEP.  Further resources for international students applying to the CPA Western School of Business are available on our website

Get to Know Your Provincial CPA Body 

The CPA provincial bodies regulate CPAs in their provinces and will likely be your first point of contact before enrolling with CPAWSB.  If you’re looking for information about becoming a CPA or finding out if the CPA designation is right for you, contact your provincial CPA organization and ask to speak with a business development or student recruitment officer. Provincial CPA bodies also have information about practical experience, mentorship, career services, volunteer opportunities and upcoming provincial CPA information sessions and events. They also have many resources to help you become familiar with work and life in Canada.  

Get Connected 

With CPA education delivered primarily online and with limited opportunities to meet instructors or peers face-to-face, it can be tricky to navigate your courses and find help when you need it. This CPAWSB blog post provides tips on how to stay connected with other learners and get the most out of your online education, whether you live in a remote location or a big city. 

  • Each of the western provincial CPA bodies has chapters (smaller communities of CPA members, students, and candidates) that provide local social, networking, and professional development opportunities. Getting connected right away can help you create a better understanding of the CPA and Canadian communities: CPABCCPA AlbertaCPA Manitoba
  • CPA Alberta also has a Connector Program that groups together individuals to help each other learn more about becoming/ being a CPA and the community. 

If you enjoy and benefit from studying with others, you can find some tips for finding study partners outlined here.  

Networking is another excellent way to make connections with fellow CPA candidates as well as build relationships with possible employers. Networking is all about creating contacts within the CPA profession and interacting with others, but it can be challenging to start a conversation with those who are unfamiliar to you. Find some suggestions on how and why to network with your CPA community here.  

Get Learning 

This International Learners post outlines ways to make the transition to education and work in Canada smoother.