The Certification Resource Centre

Jan 31, 2018

The Certification Resource Centre (CRC) is now available on the CPA Canada website and provides practical information about becoming a CPA in one central location. Below we summarize some of the CRC contents for different audiences.

Who is the CRC for?

The CRC contains materials designed to help anyone considering becoming a CPA and anyone already on the path towards obtaining the CPA designation.

Prospective students and candidates

If you are still completing post- secondary education and are considering entering the CPA Program, you are competing prerequisites, or are waiting for your transcript assessment to be complete, you will find helpful resources for the CPA Certification Program, including links to the CPA Competency Map and Knowledge Supplements, the Harmonized Education Policy (HEP) document that details CPA PEP policies, certification information, practical experience requirements, and information about evaluations. Under Resources for CPA PEP, you will find self- assessed entrance exams for Core 1 and Core 2 so you can evaluate your readiness to enter CPA PEP. Under resources for CPA preparatory courses, you will find the overview for each course and practice problems to help you become familiar with course- approved calculator.

Internationally-accredited accountants

If you are internationally- trained and certified as an accountant and are seeking credential recognition, the CRC International Credential Recognition section provides application forms, process guides, and FAQs. In addition to details about credential recognition, the section also provides guides on Canadian accounting business culture, and adapting to the Canadian workplace.

Current students and candidates

If you are already enrolled with CPAWSB, the CPA preparatory course and CPA PEP sections contain policies, guides, exam blueprints and sample exams, and course and module overviews. Plan to spend a little time poking around before starting your next CPA preparatory course or CPA PEP modules as there are resources available for each course and module.

Why use the CRC?

Regardless of your status within the School, the CRC is an invaluable, central resource to visit throughout your CPA education.

Access the CRC here.