Transfer Credits from Post-Secondary Institutions

Jul 18, 2018

Prerequisite course requirements for CPA PEP can be met through CPA preparatory courses as well as through accredited programs at post-secondary institutions. Below we list the CPA PEP admission requirements, outline potential knowledge overlaps and gaps, and provide links to provincial transfer guides.

CPA PEP admission requirements

Admission to the CPA PEP requires:

  • An undergraduate or master’s degree
  • 120 credit hours of post-secondary education
  • Successful completion of the prerequisite courses through a post-secondary institution or through CPA preparatory courses.

Courses transferred from post-secondary institutions

The post-secondary institution courses listed in the provincial transfer credit guides below provide substantial coverage, but not necessarily all of the prerequisite content listed in the CPA Competency Map. If you complete courses through multiple post-secondary institutions, especially within the same topic area, due to differences in course content and delivery and the evaluation expectations among institutions, you could end up with gaps in coverage or repeated coverage. In some instances, you may be required to submit detailed course outlines so CPAWSB can review and determine whether the courses you have taken provide adequate coverage.

Submitting transcripts

If your transcript includes transfer credits granted for courses completed at another post-secondary institution, you must arrange to have official transcripts submitted from both institutions. The ten-year currency of education policy for core CPA prerequisites applies to the date the course was initially taken, not when transfer credit was granted by another institution.

Provincial transfer guides

Please see the links below for provincial transfer guides for post-secondary institutions in Western Canada:

Transfer guides for OntarioQuebec, or Atlantic Canada are available on the websites for those regions.

CPA transfer credit guides are reviewed regularly. See the CPAWSB website for information about how the School assesses transfer credits.

Additional resources

If you need a refresher or want to make sure that you have all of the prerequisite knowledge, self-study material is available upon CPA PEP registration.