Ask the CPA Preparatory Course Advising Team-Question Two

Sep 19, 2019

In this “Ask an Advisor” series, we answer questions regularly received by the different teams responsible for CPA preparatory course administration. This week, we answer another question.

Dear Advisor,

My transcript assessment has been completed, and I am excited to enroll in the CPA preparatory courses.  I am applying for permanent residency in Canada soon, and I am wondering if I require a study permit.  The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website says that study permits are only required if the study program is more than six months.


A 2019 Semester 4 New Student

Dear 2019 Semester 4 New Student,

The CPA Western School of Business requires that all international students who have temporary resident status MUST have a valid study permit to apply for admission and to register for the CPA Preparatory courses and/or the Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).  It is important to note that work permits are not acceptable. 

Now that your transcript assessment has been completed, you can ask the Preparatory Course Advising Team to e-mail to you a document called the ‘Appendix to the Study Permit.’  This Appendix was prepared in conjunction with IRCC and is to be attached to your study permit application.  You can request this document by e-mailing

Before you submit your request for the ‘Appendix to the Study Permit,’ you must ensure that the information (legal name, address, birthdate) on your profile in the My CPA portal is correct. 

Study permit requirements are not based on the length of an individual course, but on the total duration of the program in which a student is enrolled. While each individual preparatory course may be two months long, they are all working towards your CPA designation which takes years to complete.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada mandates that all students in the CPA preparatory courses and in CPA PEP are required to hold a valid study permit and regularly enforce this.

Welcome to CPA preparatory courses and have a great semester!


CPA preparatory Admissions Services

Contacting the Advising Team

The Advising Team is here to assist you while you are enrolled in preparatory courses and can be reached by email at

When sending an email, include your name and student ID, along with a description of your situation or the question you are asking. You should expect to hear from the team one-to-two business days after they receive your message.

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