Brightspace and Desire2Learn (D2L) Tips and Tricks for CPA Learners

Jun 5, 2019

We asked our CPA preparatory course Student Experience team and CPA PEP Advising team to share tips for using Brightspace (D2L).

CPA preparatory course information

  • Read the Brightspace (D2L) Manual
  • Change their Brightspace (D2L) notifications and time zone settings
  • Export the Brightspace calendar into their own calendar application
  • Complete the Academic Honesty Quiz  (instructions are on page 5 of the Brightspace (D2L) Manual)
  • Use the Brightspace email system to contact your facilitator or marker. Third-party email addresses will not send or receive emails from Brightspace.

If anything, you should read and review the Brightspace (D2L) Manual.

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CPA PEP information

  • Read the guides located in the Certification Resource Centre. Specifically, you should read the CPA Professional Education Program Candidate Guide, and the topic labelled “Learning Management System,” which outlines how to use Desire2 Learn (D2L).
  • Go through the content of the Introduction to PEP in D2L, which includes D2L “how to” videos.

If you only do one thing, read (and later refer to) the CPA Professional Education Program Candidate Guide available in the Certification Resource Centre.

For more information about the CPA PEP program, please go to our website.