Capstone considerations: CPAWSB additional supports

Mar 14, 2019

This is the second post in our Capstone considerations series. Our last post explored why the CFE role you choose matters.

Peer Studying

Many Capstone candidates find that having a study partner is an excellent source of support, especially to review concepts or for exam preparation. Other areas where a peer study group is helpful are to cross-mark cases, group debriefs, and technical revision.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a peer to study with, due to your geographic location or nature of your employment. To assist these candidates, CPAWSB has created a list of others looking to form a peer study group. Once a candidate provides consent for CPAWSB to release their contact information, they will be added to and receive access to this list. Candidates may then connect in-person or online with peers to support one another throughout Capstone 2.

Candidates will receive an email with a survey link to opt-in to the peer study community near the start of the Capstone 2. For inquiries about peer studying, please contact us.


CPAWSB provides candidates with the opportunity to connect with tutors who are CPA members, CPAWSB contractors or recent successful CFE writers. These people are familiar with CPA PEP and the CFE and have indicated that they are willing to provide paid tutoring services to candidates. A CPAWSB tutor can be helpful for candidates who are looking for technical tutoring or case marking.

Candidates will receive the tutor list by email near the start of the Capstone 2. For inquiries about the tutor list, please contact us.