How To: Transfer out of the Western Region

Aug 29, 2019

Learners must be enrolled with the CPA body in the province or region where they live and work. This post outlines what to when something comes up and you need to move to a different part of Canada.

File Transfer Process for Learners

When a learner enrolled with CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) permanently moves from one of the Western provinces to another region of Canada (Ontario, Quebec, or Atlantic Canada), we will work with them and the new region or governing body to facilitate the transfer of their education records to the appropriate education delivery body (CPA Ontario, CPA Quebec or the CPA Atlantic School of Business).

CPA courses and modules are recognized nationally so completed modules or courses and if applicable, completed experience hours, are credited to learners when they move.

CPA Pre-Professional Education (CPA preparatory courses)

To start the transfer process, CPA preparatory course students contact to request the official transfer form. CPAWSB will notify the new region of the transfer request and send them the student’s file. The new region will then contact the student with enrollment instructions.

CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

To start the regional transfer process, CPA PEP candidates must contact Admission Services by email at to inform the school of their intent to transfer to a new region. Once the request is received the Program Evaluator will determine if the candidate is eligible for transfer. The candidate will also be required to contact their provincial body to ensure that their PERT reporting for the Western region is complete and in ‘verified’ status and request a Profession Assessment for Change of Job

CPAWSB will notify the new region of the transfer request and send them the candidate’s file. The new region will then contact the learner with instructions.

Participating in Modules or Courses During the Transfer Process

To be eligible to transfer from Western Canada to another province or region, learners must be active for the current academic year, in good standing with the School, and if applicable, must have all experience completed in the West reported and updated in PERT.

While their transfer request is being processed, learners can register for courses or modules in their current region and attend workshops and exams in their new region. Learners transferring to Western Canada must work with the delivery team in their current region.

File Transfer Process for Prospective Learners

Prospective learners must complete the official transfer form and return to the appropriate team. CPAWSB will notify the new region of the transfer request and send them the prospective learner’s file. The new region will then contact the prospective learner with enrollment instructions.

CPA preparatory courses:


Transcript assessment results are subject to change, depending on the inheriting office’s assessment standards. Exemptions approved by CPAWSB may not be honoured by the new region. Please see our website for more information on transfers.