Posts you may have missed from 2019

Dec 12, 2019

Did you miss these posts in 2019? Get a head start on your learning in 2020 with these hot topics!

Ask the CPA Preparatory Course Advising Team-Question Three: “I just read that I don’t have to write an exam in the same semester that I’m registered in. I only have two core CPA preparatory courses left. How can I complete them in Semester 2?”. – November 21, 2019

Academic Integrity: How to Properly Use CPA-Provided Sources: When using content from another person’s ideas (textbooks, articles, CPA resources etc.), the original source must be referenced by using proper citation methods.  – May 1, 2019

CPA Preparatory Course Projects: All core CPA preparatory courses have two mandatory project submissions that contribute to 18 percent of the overall course mark. – October 17, 2019