The Five Most Read CPA PEP Blog Posts from 2019

Nov 28, 2019

Just in case you missed one of these, or you want to read them again, we’ve compiled this year’s most-read CPA PEP blog posts from the CPAWSB archive.

1. Tips for a Better Response: Case Writing

Have you ever looked at a website, a memo, or article that was lines of unbroken text and thought ‘ugh,’ then stopped reading? No one wants to read large chunks of text; we prefer short, bite-sized pieces of info that get to the heart of the matter. The users in your submissions feel the same! – June 12, 2019

2. Changes to CPA PEP Core and Elective Modules

In 2018, CPA Canada introduced significant changes to CPA PEP core modules for the first time since the program launched in 2013. In late December 2018, changes to the elective modules were announced.  – January 9, 2019

3. Common questions asked by candidates

Our Module Services team has put together a list of the most common questions (and answers) asked by Candidates. – May 15, 2019

4. Capstone 1 Presentation Tips: Part 1

You’ve submitted the Board Report, and it’s time to relax and celebrate all your hard work over the last few months with your team. Next up: deliver your final presentation to the panel, and then you’re one step closer to the CFE. – June 26, 2019

P.S. Here’s Part 2

5. The F-Word: Exploring How to Use It

Feedback. Let’s get real, receiving it can be a real ego boost, or hit, and is often a bit of both. While feedback can be difficult to receive, facilitators are your coaches, and we all have the same goal: for you to pass your exam and ultimately become a CPA. – October 9, 2019

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