Academic Integrity: Should I…?

Jun 28, 2017

Your CPA education sets the foundation for your professional career. Not only are you honing your technical competencies, but you are also developing your enabling competencies. As you pursue your studies, you might find yourself asking a few questions about academic integrity:

Should I share my response with another student or candidate?

No. You will get more out of the experience and will encounter less risk of enabling plagiarism if you discuss your response with someone instead of sharing it with them. See our post on Sharing and Comparing for ideas.

Should I split assignments with another student or candidate?

This is a no-no. You need to submit your own work for every assignment, unless it is a group assignment (which will be clear). Completing part of an assignment and combining it with another person’s work is plagiarism.

Should I buy a response to an assignment?

This should go without saying, but buying or selling assignments is never allowed, under any circumstances. First, it’s plagiarism (submitting someone else’s work as your own if you’re the buyer and enabling plagiarism if you’re the seller) and second, you will get caught; the School uses top plagiarism detecting software to verify that the assignments you submit are your own.

Should I use quotes in my assignment?

Absolutely. If you use an external source to craft your response, you need to acknowledge the source. In some assignments, you might not need external sources, and when you do, the most common ones you are likely to need will be the CPA Handbook or the Canadian Income Tax Act. We included suggestions on how to appropriately cite your sources earlier this year.

Should I use CPA Solutions in my assignments?

Nope. The solutions provided in CPA PEP modules to help you learn and should not be included in any assignment or revision. Instead, use the solutions and feedback from your facilitator to debrief your assignment.

If you have questions about academic integrity, contact your facilitator.