Plagiarism Investigations

Dec 20, 2017

Plagiarism is a serious offense and each case of suspected plagiarism is investigated individually. If a student or candidate is found to have committed plagiarism, the School will apply penalties. Below we outline different types of plagiarism cases investigated in the previous academic year.

Number of Cases* Type of Case Case Definition Penalty/No Penalty Applied
20 Copying Learner A completed their assignment on their own and then shared it with Learner B. Learner B copied this assignment and both students were investigated for plagiarism. Penalties were applied
6 Unauthorized Use Learner C received access to Learner D’s assignment files and uses them for their own submission. Learner D was unaware of this. Learner C was investigated for plagiarism with unauthorised use. Penalties were applied.


Penalties for these cases are more serious.

11 Enabling Learner E asked Learner F for an assignment as Learner E was going through a rough patch in his life. Learner F wanted to help and shared the assignment. Learner E was investigated for plagiarism and Learner F was investigated for enabling plagiarism Penalties were applied
5 Shared Submission Learner G and Learner H worked on an assignment together and only Learner H took notes, which were then shared with Learner G. Both candidates prepared their answers from Learner H’s notes. Due to the similarities of the work, both candidates are investigated for plagiarism. Penalties were applied
49 Failure to Provide Reference Learner J found information for an assignment on a website, copied the information and included it in his assignment. No reference was made to the website, meaning the student claimed this information to be his own, original work. This student was investigated for plagiarism Penalties were applied

*Case numbers are a combination of students and candidates from CPA preparatory courses and the CPA Professional Education Program.

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