Seven Final CFE Preparation Tips

Sep 7, 2017

You’re in the final stretch and have only a handful of days until the CFE starts. Below we share tips on how to get through this stressful time.

  1. Rest. Get as much rest as you can as the exam can be draining. As the anticipation builds it might be difficult to get a full night’s sleep, but try to get to bed at a reasonable time each night. Turn off your devices early to give your mind time to shut down. And if you find yourself wide awake wishing you weren’t, try this technique for falling to sleep. Even if that doesn’t work, don’t worry. Your adrenaline will get you through the exam.
  2. Practice. If you haven’t already, start getting up and eating at the same times you will on exam days. If you need to ease into the exam-day routine, start getting up (and going to bed) 15 minutes earlier each day in the week leading up to the exam.
  3. Eat. Fill yourself with healthy foods to keep your mind in top form. Remember to think about what you will eat on exam days, both before and after the exam. If you find cooking relaxing or distracting, plan to prepare your favourite meals. Or see if you can get meals to-go from your favourite restaurants. Consider avoiding alcohol.
  4. Plan. How will you get to the exam centre? Do you have a “Plan B” (or C?) if your first option isn’t available?
  5. Plan some more. What are you going to do after the exam on days 1 and 2? Exercise? Meet up with friends or family? Go for a walk? Choose activities that you enjoy and look forward to.
  6. Be confident. You have put in a lot of time to reach this point. Be confident in the preparation that you’ve done (which started with your very first module).
  7. Be gentle with yourself. It will be tough, but try not to rehash your responses after you leave the exam centre.

Good luck!