New Optional Module: Intro to Capstone 2

May 8, 2019

This year, CPA Canada is offering a free, optional module to anyone writing the CFE. The module, Introduction to Capstone 2, will include:

  • A study plan guide that walks through several tasks that can be completed in the ten weeks leading up to Capstone 2.
  • Three practice cases with supporting materials
  • Access to the eBooks through Knotia
  • A Capstone 2 tracking sheet
  • An unmonitored discussion board with two forums: general Cap 2/CFE study plan questions and study groups, where candidates can connect with each other to form Cap 2/CFE study groups

All candidates who are registered in Capstone 1 or who are rewriting the CFE in September will receive an email when they have been granted access to the module via Desire2Learn.