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Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL)

Please review the IRCC's guidelines on groups exempt from PAL requirements to confirm if a PAL is necessary.

Program Eligibility: PALs can only be issued to prospective learners who have a completed, valid transcript assessment with a result of PEP Eligible. Currently, PALs are not issued to CPA preparatory courses students.

Province of Expected Residence: CPAWSB holds multiple Designated Learning Institution (DLI) numbers, each assigned to a specific province where CPAWSB operates. The availability of PALs depends on the province of your residence. Consequently, prospective learners with similar backgrounds may receive different PAL determinations based on their intended province of residence. When creating a profile with CPAWSB, you must declare the province where you intend to reside; this declaration is final and cannot be changed.

CPAWSB Admissions Determination: Due to the limited number of PALs available, we will carry out additional assessments to determine if a PAL may be issued. 

Prospective PAL learners are encouraged to provide comprehensive documentation to the school before requesting a PAL. This may include:

  • A third-party assessment of education
  • A Resume
  • An English Language Assessment
  • Pay and submit an admission application
  • A statement of readiness

CPAWSB cannot guarantee that a PAL will be issued to a learner. PALs will only be issued to prospective learners who are PEP Eligible and meet additional admission criteria for CPA PEP.

Should a PAL need to be issued in your case, please don't hesitate to reach out to PEP Admission Services at