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Where To Find CPAWSB Tutors

If you are interested in requesting the paid services of a CPAWSB Tutor, learners may complete the following form to receive the tutor list:

CPAWSB Tutor Request Form

Learners may also find the instructions on how to request CPAWSB tutor assistance in the newsfeed of D2L modules at the start of the module, as well as a few weeks before the final examination.

Why Use CPAWSB Tutors

Learners often seek additional marking on their previous assignments to receive more detailed feedback and obtain specific guidance to improve on weaker areas. CPAWSB tutors can offer value to learners by leveraging their educational background to help learners understand the tricks, tips, and nuances to improve learner’s results.

The CPA certification program provides many learning opportunities and resources. However, learners might become “stuck" on certain topics or require additional practice and guidance in specific technical areas. CPAWSB tutors can help learners by explaining the concept differently, guiding the learners through a particular problem, or aiding learners locate the appropriate technical resources.

Some learners might feel that they are underperforming because they have difficulties demonstrating enabling competencies. Some common contributing factors might be weak time management, inability to complete all AOs, slow typing, or having English as an additional language. CPAWSB tutors can assist learners in these areas by providing useful techniques to help learners overcome these challenges. Some CPAWSB tutors may also be bilingual or multilingual, so be sure to clearly state your specific areas of concerns when seeking a tutor so you can find the best individual who suits your needs.

When To Use CPAWSB Tutors

CPAWSB aims to continuously update the tutor listing with the most up-to-date tutor information and availability. Depending on availability, some tutors may be listed year-round. Any time a learner requires tutoring services, they are welcome to reach out to any available tutors directly to request tutoring services.

CPAWSB tutors understand the importance of a timely response; therefore, learners can expect CPAWSB tutors to respond to requests promptly whether the tutor chooses to accept or deny the learner’s inquiry.

From time-to-time, the Learner Support team may announce unique tutoring events and opportunities to learners, such as: 

  • Tutor speed dating 
  • Group tutoring events 
  • Module-specific tutoring 

Keep an eye on your D2L newsfeed to ensure you are notified of these events.