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Unsuccessful CFE Writers

The CFE Results Transcript is a valuable tool to identify gaps in technical and enabling competencies and where to focus your preparation efforts for the next CFE sitting. The first step in understanding your CFE Results Transcript is to read the CPA Canada Transcript Explanation document found on the CPAWSB CFE Results webpage. However, after reading this document you may find that you still have questions as to where you went wrong, and how you can use your CFE Results Transcript to guide your future CFE preparation plan. We welcome you to reach out to the Learner Support team at to request an academic advising call to learn more about how to use this valuable document. 

Deciding whether to invest in requesting an appeal can be a big decision and difficult to weigh the odds of success. Additionally, this decision must be made quickly as the deadline is often shortly after the CFE results release date. To help with your decision, we recommend reading the CPA Canada Appeals and Performance Analysis Report document found on the CPAWSB CFE Results webpage. This document will show you the historic number of appeal applications and the number of successful appeals. However, if you feel that you’d benefit by getting some advice from our academic advising team to help make your decision, reach out to us at, and we would be happy to discuss your specific situation to assist you in making your decision. 

Some candidates may find it difficult to decide how to best prepare for their next attempt at the CFE and best utilize their available time and learning resources. To help candidates more effectively use their available time, CPAWSB offers academic advising to all unsuccessful CFE candidates to provide an individualized study plan specific to each candidate’s competency gaps. To request an academic advising call to discuss your specific timeline and circumstances, please contact us at

First-Time CFE Writers

You will need to declare your CFE role when you register in Capstone 2. Many candidates align their selection of a CFE role with their chosen electives; however, you are permitted to select any CFE role you wish. For example, if you took Assurance and Taxation elective modules and received a marginal pass, and are not working in public practice, you can consider selecting the Finance or Performance Management role on the CFE. To help candidates prepare for a role that is not aligned with their electives, CPAWSB offers access to the module materials via Review Materials Modules. The School also provides academic advising support on what CFE role to choose. 

If you are working in public practice and are considering applying for public accounting licensure, the Assurance role may be the right choice for you. However, candidates should also be aware that public accounting licensure will also require you to demonstrate depth in Financial Reporting, as well as have a significant number of assurance work experience at the time of application to membership. If you decide later that you are interested in a public accounting license, you can take the Post-Designation Public Accounting (PDPA) Program after passing the CFE. CPAWSB also offers academic advising support to assist candidates in navigating the requirements for public accounting licensure either pre or post CFE.