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Candidates - CFE Writers

Visit the CPA Canada Website to access the published CPA Canada CFE Board of Examiners Reports. Each report includes the cases on the CFE, an explanation of the CFE process, suggestions on how candidates can improve their performance, and the CFE marking methodology. 

Most of the cases included in the CFE Report may be covered in the Capstone 2 module, so candidates should avoid self-studying these cases if registered in an upcoming Capstone 2 module. 

Visit the CPA Canada website to view the Capstone 2 calendar. The calendar includes dates for mock examinations, practice cases, and practice case feedback. 

Visit the CPA Canada website to learn about the technical updates that affect the examinable material for CPA PEP examinations and the CFE. 

Visit the CPA Canada Website to view the CPA PEP Exam Pass Rates, including the CFE.