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If you do not have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status, information on studying and working in Canada as an international student can be found on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. 

For more information or questions regarding: 

Please contact one of the following: 

If required, CPAWSB can provide you with an “Appendix to the study permit” in support of your study permit application.

Enrolling in CPA PEP and CPA Preparatory Courses

Once your transcript assessment has been completed, based on your transcript assessment result, you may request the Appendix to the Study Permit by emailing the appropriate department identified below. 

Transcript Assessment Result Who to contact
PEP Eligible
PEP Conditional Core 1
PEP Ineligible

Note: If you are a CPA PEP transfer in, accredited or International Designate MOU, please contact for next steps.

Note: If you are planning to take all your prerequisite courses through a post-secondary institution, you need to request the required “Appendix” information directly from that post-secondary institution.

Once you have received your study permit, you can submit an admission application with CPAWSB. You will be required to provide a copy of your study permit at that time. We require a valid study permit before your application for admission can be approved

CPA education programs, including CPA PEP and CPA preparatory courses, require high English proficiency. A minimum of Grade 12 English or Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 8  or higher is suggested. Generally, anyone with CLB levels below 8 will need to spend additional time on their studies. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants with CLB levels 7 or below improve their language competence before applying and enrolling in CPA education programs. Language test equivalency charts can be found on the Government of Canada website .

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