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If you are completing a CPA Accredited Program in Ontario, Quebec, or Atlantic Canada and are moving to Western Canada to start employment after convocation, you must notify the CPA provincial body where the accredited post-secondary institution is located about the move and your intent to enroll with CPAWSB. That CPA Provincial body will confirm with CPAWSB that you have successfully completed the accredited program and your placement in CPA PEP.

You should also begin the admission process with CPAWSB as outlined below.

Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or persons who are otherwise lawfully permitted to work and study in Canada can enroll in the CPA certification program. If you are a temporary resident, you are required to hold a valid study permit to apply for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) or CPA preparatory courses and to maintain your enrollment with CPAWSB. For more details, please refer to the Residency, Study Permits and Language Advisory.

CPA education programs, including CPA preparatory courses and CPA PEP, require high English proficiency. Generally, anyone with CLB levels below 8 will need to spend additional time on their studies. For more information, please refer to the Residency, Study Permits and Language Advisory.

  1. Visit My CPA Portal and click on the Create a My CPA Profile link using a desktop or laptop with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 
  2. Enter your legal name when creating your profile.   
  3. Select your residency status in Canada: Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident (of Canada), or Temporary Resident (of Canada).  
  4. Enter all completed and in-progress post-secondary education and designation information, even if you don’t plan to submit documents for that education/designation history. You should also include the post-secondary information for the Accredited Program you are completing.
  5. Activate your profile by setting your password. You will receive instructions via email shortly after creating your profile.  


Important: Use the UPLOAD A DOCUMENT functionality within your profile only when submitting your legal name verification documentation with a CPA PEP admission application. Do not use it for submitting any other documents to CPAWSB as those documents will be deleted. When submitting other required documents, follow the directions provided in the admission steps below and elsewhere on this page.


Review the resources above and if you still have unanswered questions about creating, accessing, or navigating your profile, please contact an Admission Advisor by emailing or calling 1.866.420.2350 ext. 6001. 

Although you do not have to request and pay for a transcript assessment from CPAWSB, you are still required to submit:

  1. an official undergraduate degree transcript (must include conferral date).
  2. a confirmation of enrollment in an Accredited Program.

1. Official Undergraduate Degree Transcripts

These documents must be mailed directly by the issuing institution to our office in a sealed (unopened) envelope. If the institution offers digital official transcripts, please request they are emailed to:

Note: Do not send documents to provincial CPA offices as this may result in significant delays in confirming your eligibility. Documents in a language other than English require translation and must be submitted to CPAWSB by a certified translator.

You will receive an email notification when we have received the official copy of your undergraduate degree transcript and verified the completion date.

2. Confirmation of Enrollment in Accredited Program 

For accredited programs in the western region, you can submit your acceptance letter to If you are registering after the accredited program begins, we can accept confirmation of your acceptance and start date directly from the university.

Applicants completing CPA accredited programs in Ontario, Quebec, or Atlantic Canada who are relocating to Western Canada after convocation, must notify the CPA body where the accredited post-secondary institution is located about the move. That CPA body will confirm your program status completion and advise CPAWSB on your CPA PEP placement.


Review the resources above. If you still have unanswered questions regarding the documents you are required to submit, or any additional questions about the admission steps, please contact the PEP Admission Services team by emailing or calling 1.866.420.2350 ext. 6004.

Once all documents have been received, proceed with submitting a CPA PEP admission application. Click on the link below for more information about when and how to submit an admission application.

Note: Select CPA Accredited Program as your registration category when completing the CPA PEP admission application as an applicant completing a CPA Accredited Program.

Submitting an admission application for CPA PEP


Click on the link above for more information about submitting an admission application for CPA PEP. If you have questions about submitting a CPA PEP admission application or starting CPA PEP as a CPA Accredited Program grad, please contact the CPA Admission Services team by emailing or calling 1.866.420.2350 ext. 6004.

Advanced placement in CPA PEP is granted when both of the following are completed: 

  1. CPAWSB has received the official undergraduate degree transcript with your conferral date.
  2. Submit the requested documents that applies to you.
    • For Master’s degree applicants within the Western region, university verifies CFE registration eligibility, no action needed from applicants.
    • For out-of-region accredited program grads, you must submit a confirmation letter from the region where your program was completed to ensure the correct advanced standing is granted. Contact the provincial CPA body where the program was completed for this letter. 
    • For Graduate Diploma applicants, send your official accredited transcript with the conferral date to, as soon as available after convocation.

You will be notified by email once advanced placement has been granted. 

Note: After graduation, all CPA accredited program graduates, except University of Saskatchewan MPAcc graduates, must send their official accredited program transcripts to CPAWSB directly as soon as they're available.