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General Enrollment FAQ

If you do not have a recognized degree, but have at least eight years of relevant experience, you may be eligible to apply to CPA PEP under the mature status route.

An overall combined average of 65 per cent is required in the 8 core prerequisites for admission to CPA PEP whether they are taken as CPA preparatory courses or taken as equivalent courses at a post-secondary institution.

For those applicant types that may have outstanding prerequisites to complete, when your transcript assessment results are provided, it will indicate which courses, if any, are outstanding. You will receive an email when the transcript assessment is completed, indicating that you can view the results on My CPA portal

Follow steps 1 through 4 as an Applicant with an International (non-Canadian) degree. Create a My CPA profile, request and pay for a CPAWSB transcript assessment, submit all the required transcripts and documents, and once your assessment is completed, you can provide a copy of the transcript assessment to the post-secondary institution that is offering the accredited program.

While the duration to complete CPA PEP and the CFE is typically about 2 to 2½ years, CPA candidates have up to six years to complete all the CPA PEP modules and attempt the CFE at least once, measured from the start date of the first module taken. The maximum duration for completing the entire CPA certification program (CPA PEP, the CFE, and Experience) must not exceed seven years measured from your PEP Admission Application approval date.