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Each workshop is two-days and entails face-to-face interaction (either in-person or virtually) between session leaders and candidates.

  • Session leaders conduct these workshops, leading candidates through a variety of predeveloped module material over the course of the workshop.
  • Session leaders facilitate active and engaged learning and are available for questions as needed throughout the workshops. 
  • Core 1 session leaders conduct one workshop during the first weekend of the module and a second workshop on another weekend mid-module.
  • Session leaders for all other modules conduct a single workshop on a weekend during the module. 

Interested applicants must have a CPA designation, a university degree (master’s degree preferred), and previous in‐person teaching experience. 

As part of training*, all potential session leaders must participate in a module workshop (held in-person or virtually) where they are expected to present multiple activities under the guidance of an experienced session leader-mentor.

The session leader-mentor will evaluate the trainee’s performance and provide feedback to CPAWSB to help determine suitability for the role. A CPAWSB staff member may also be present to evaluate the potential session leader. CPAWSB does not pay for participating in or travelling to the any portion of training. 

New session leaders will be offered contracts based on how they perform in the training activities and module registrations. 

Additional training will be required on an ongoing basis to maintain skills for this role. 

*Completing the training is mandatory; however, this does not guarantee a position. 

  • Compensation is $2,900 per two‐day workshop.  
  • Reimbursement for travel: We hire locally wherever possible, but this isn’t always an option. For more information about travel costs related to contracts with CPAWSB, please check our Designated Home City Policy. 


To be considered for a PEP education contractor role, you must first set up a contractor profile on CPAWSB’s Contractor Portal. Once you have a profile set up, you can apply for any roles which are accepting applications.

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a training session and may be required to complete other training tasks to determine suitability for the role.

Those who pass training will be added to our pool of active contractors and will be eligible to perform contract work with CPAWSB.