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  • Failure to attend any portion of the workshop counts as an automatic failure of the module.  
  • In special circumstances, you can request an accommodation to miss part or an entire workshop. Accommodations are only granted for medical reasons, religious requirements, or extenuating circumstances. You must provide proof of the circumstances for CPAWSB to approve an accommodation. Additional information about accommodations is available here.  
  • You are expected to maintain a level of professional behaviour while attending workshops. Incidents of academic misconduct and/or inappropriate behaviour may be recorded on candidate records. 
  • Attending another location is not permitted unless you have received permission from CPAWSB.  

You are required to complete some work before attending the Core 1 and Capstone 1 workshops and will receive access to the module materials one-to-three business days before the module starts. Access to content for other modules is typically available one business day before the module starts.  

 Bring the following to workshop sessions: 

  • A laptop and power cord  
  • Pen and paper for scratch notes  
  • A copy of the workshop files, downloaded from D2L-Brightspace as an internet connection may not be available.  

CPA PEP workshops are offered in the following locations: 

BC: Burnaby, Kelowna, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria 

Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton 

Saskatchewan: Regina, Saskatoon 

Manitoba: Winnipeg  

Select your workshop city when registering for a module during the module registration period. If you register after the registration period closes, you will be required to pay a waitlist fee and select your top three locations. You will be placed in a location based on availability. 

Location availability depends on candidate registrations and locations without enough candidates may be cancelled. After the registration period closes, CPAWSB will offer candidates in cancelled locations alternative options.  

Generally, CPA PEP workshop venues are post-secondary institutions or hotel conference centres. The specific locations are confirmed two weeks before the workshop when the workshop locations are posted on the CPAWSB website. You require permission from CPAWSB to attend a workshop in another location.  

If you need to participate in workshops in other regions (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada), contact at least three weeks before the scheduled workshop date.