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CPA PEP Modules

The CPA PEP program is comprised of six modules focused on preparing CPA candidates for a career in business and accounting, targeted toward mid-level to management-level positions. There are two core modules, two elective modules, and two capstone modules.

CPA PEP begins with two mandatory core modules. In these modules, candidates build the enabling and technical competencies required of a professional accountant. The modules develop competencies in management and financial accounting and are integrative, drawing on law, economics, finance, strategy, statistics, and IT, as well as the technical competency areas. The focus of these modules is breadth. 

  • Core 1
    Focuses on financial reporting, audit and assurance, finance, and taxation
  • Core 2 
    Focuses on management accounting, finance, strategy and governance, and financial reporting

Additional Core Module Details on the CPA Canada website.

CPA PEP elective modules provide the opportunity to explore two fields of interest in greater depth. The focus of these modules is depth.

Elective 1 and Elective 2, Candidates choose two modules from a list of four options:

  • Performance Management
  • Finance
  • Assurance
  • Taxation

Note: Candidates pursuing a career in public accounting must take Assurance and Tax. 

Additional elective module details on the CPA Canada website.

CPA PEP capstone modules are culminating courses; candidates demonstrate what they have learned through the core and elective modules. All CPA candidates must complete both capstone modules. 

  • Capstone 1: Integrative Module 
    Deepens strategic leadership competencies by using the knowledge acquired in prerequisite and earlier modules in a professional, team setting. Candidates complete a large business case, which relates to Day 1 of the CFE. The module focus is application and integration.
  • Capstone 2: Examination Preparation Module
    Focuses on preparing candidates for entry into the profession by applying competencies acquired throughout the CPA program in complex and highly integrative cases. Candidates develop enabling competencies in situations which simulate real-life projects and assignments that newly certified CPAs may encounter in their careers.

We encourage candidates to take the Capstone 1 and 2 modules immediately leading up to the CFE. For instance, candidates planning to write the September CFE, should take Capstone 1 starting in May and Capstone 2 starting in July.

Additional Capstone Module Details on the CPA Canada website.