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Most candidates follow the traditional pathway and focus on one module per session. Candidates are able to skip sessions and take breaks if their individual circumstances require it. While up to six years is available to complete CPA PEP coursework, the most common timeframe to complete the six modules is between 16 and 24 months. The traditional pathway options are illustrated below.

Candidates can complete Core 1 and Core 2 concurrently and/or two elective modules concurrently, though both core modules must be complete before starting the elective modules. While completing modules simultaneously, candidates follow the same module content, format, and schedule as the regular module schedule. The Capstone modules are not offered simultaneously and not available to be taken using the Fast-Track pathway. 

Depending on the starting session, candidates who choose fast-track scheduling can complete their CPA studies in as little as ten months

Starting Session

Study duration


10 months


11 months


16 months


13 months

If taking elective modules using the Fast-Track pathway, candidates cannot choose electives with conflicting exam times. Because of the exam schedule, candidates may choose to take the following electives in the same 'Fast-Track' session:

  • Performance Management and Finance
  • Performance Management and Tax
  • Assurance and Finance
  • Assurance and Tax

No exam accommodations will be granted for conflicting exam schedules. 

Completing two modules in one session typically requires 40 hours of study per week so please consider the time commitment and rigour before registering for fast-track scheduling. The fast-track pathway options are illustrated below.

CPAWSB offers an extended pathway option to take the core and elective modules. It is available only in the summer and winter sessions. The content and structure match the traditional eight-week offerings, but is delivered over 20 weeks, lowering the average required study time to approximately 10 hours per week. Extended versions of the modules allow candidates greater flexibility and more time to study and absorb the course material. 

Candidates can also choose to complete the extended core modules and/or the two extended elective modules concurrently, bringing average study time to approximately 20 hours per week. The extended pathway options are illustrated below. 

The core modules are available across Western Canada four times annually.

The elective modules are available across Western Canada four times annually.

The CPA Common Final Examination (CFE) and two Capstone courses are offered twice annually.