What's the learning format for a non-core CPA preparatory course?
This blog post discusses the learning format, materials, and grading scheme specifically for non-core courses. We will discuss the core courses in a future post.
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What does my CPA preparatory course grade mean?
CPA preparatory course students often have questions about their course grades and whether they’ve passed the course, as there are different parameters depending on whether the course is a core or non-core option. In this post, we’ve outlined these important distinctions to help you understand all of your options.
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When and how can I access the Statement of Completion for the CPA preparatory courses?
When you have successfully completed a CPA preparatory course, you will receive a Statement of Completion from your Brightspace (D2L) account. Learn how to download the certificate.
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What are the requirements to begin Core 1?
Core 1 is the first module of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and Candidates must meet a minimum set of requirements before they can start the module. This post answers some of the frequently asked questions on Core 1 requirements. 
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Enough of Enough: A CPA’s Guide to Case-Writing Balance
Part of becoming a CPA is developing professional judgement, which requires deliberate practice. Sam discusses a workot plan tailored to AO results. 
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PEP-Check: Exploring Complementary Designations
By earning your CPA designation, you have unlocked several new possibilities. In this post, Sam will discuss some opportunities for you to consider as you build the next stages of your career.
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Congrats! You’ve Got Your CPA, Now What?
List of the opportunities that are available to Canadian CPAs.
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