Professional Writing
The way that you converse with a friend is going to be very different from how you converse with a facilitator or a CPAWSB staff member; the same is true in written communication. Your emails and assignments should be business appropriate and reflect your professionalism. In this post we examine how to write professional-sounding correspondence, whether in your studies or at work.
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Request an appeal for a failed course
Waiting for exam results can be stressful and receiving an unsuccessful grade can feel like a setback. At the School you can request an exam remark request if you feel you deserve a higher grade. In this blog post, we outline the process for CPA preparatory course and CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) module exams, so you know what to expect.
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Ask Learner Support: Selecting a CFE Role
In this “Ask an Advisor” series, we answer questions regularly received by the different teams responsible for CPA course and module administration. This week, we focus on a question received by the Learner Support team about choosing a CFE role.
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Challenge Exams for the IFAC Designates
Challenge exams are offered to those who have received an exemption(s) from the module portion of the learning. These exams are the same as those who complete the entire modules.
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Know Your EQ
Have you ever heard someone refer to EQ, or emotional intelligence? It’s the ability to be aware of and understand emotions—yours and others—and many organizations embrace leaders with high EQ. You can develop your own EQ and use it to succeed as a learner and a professional by identifying, evaluating, discovering, controlling, and expressing emotions.
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Time Management
Are you trying to balance work, school and life while working toward getting your CPA designation? We have listed out some planning tips to get you started on your journey to getting your time more organized.
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2023/2024 Academic Year Updates
Registration for all CPA preparatory courses and exams offered between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, is now open!
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