Capstone 1 Presentation Tips from CPA Panelist
In this article, Winston Sim, CPA, and a previous Capstone 1 panelist will delve into how Capstone 1 candidates can prepare for their group presentation.
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Meet Owen Kot, CPA, 2023 Exemplary New Professional Award Winner
CPAWSB recently presented the Exemplary New Professional (ENP) award to Owen Kot, CPA, a recent graduate, who demonstrated the qualities of a Chartered Professional Accountant during his time as a candidate, and during the year following successful completion of the Common Final Exam. The award is made possible through the generosity of Kouri Berezan Heinrichs of Edmonton in their gift to the CPA Education Foundation of Alberta.
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Letting Go to Gain Control: The Paradox of CPA PEP Stress Management & Exam Laptops
This post is about managing the stress that comes with completing a professional program while working, having a personal life, and other opportunities and responsibilities. It is not a replacement for mental health wellness resources. For access to free mental health and wellness resources, learners can visit CPAWSB’s webpage dedicated to Mental Wellness. 
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2023 KBH Award Winner Series: Shannon Kroeker, CPA, CA
Shannon Kroeker, CPA, CA won the 2023 Kouri Berezan Heinrichs (KBH) Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions as a facilitator and session leader. For Shannon, this recognition represents not just her dedication to her role but also her journey within the accounting profession. Let's dive into Shannon's story as she shares insights, challenges, and invaluable advice for CPA candidates navigating the Core 1 module.
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CPA preparatory courses Update for the 2024/25 Academic Year
This news contains important updates for the upcoming 2024/2025 calendar year. Please read carefully and note any important action items and/or deadlines.
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Important Update: Introduction of Credit Card Surcharge for Payment of Fees - Effective April 1, 2024
Important Update for CPAWSB Learners: Introduction of Surcharge on Credit Card Payments from April 2024
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