Congrats! You’ve Got Your CPA, Now What?
List of the opportunities that are available to Canadian CPAs.
By Samantha Taylor, PME, CPA, CA, and CPAWSB Aug 12, 2022 Share
Giving credit where it is due
As a CPA learner, you have access to many resources throughout your education journey such as the CPA Canada handbook, Learning eBooks, Income Tax Act etc. These resources combined with others can be useful and sometimes necessary to include in an assignment. Learn how to cite your sources correctly. 
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International Assessment for International Designates
International Designates are active members in good standing with accounting institutions that are International Federation of Accountants IFAC member organizations. If this applies to you, you can have your previously completed international experience assessed through CPAWSB's Practical Experience Review Committee (PERC).
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Are you looking to improve your English Language skills?
CPAWSB has listened to your communication needs and responded with a new English Language Support (ELS) resources page.
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CPAWSB issues Statement of Commitment to EDI
Recognizing the changing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) landscape, CPAWSB commits to continually evolving how we engage with our learners, staff/contractors, partners, and within our community.   
By CPAWSB Jul 18, 2022 Share
Regrouping after failing a CPA preparatory course exam
If you have recently been unsuccessful in a CPA preparatory course exam, you may be feeling down and disappointed. This post will give you suggestions on how to refocus and prepare for success in future exams.
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Recognition of Pre-requisite Courses During the Pandemic
Information regarding the recognition of pre-requisite courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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