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Online Learning FAQ

Core module weekly activities include the following: 

  • Immersive case: One interactive case that flows through each module and provides real-world professional experience. Different characters within the immersive case will outline the related weekly assignments. Your facilitator will provide detailed feedback on your submissions and you will have the opportunity to revise two immersive case assignments. 
  • Practice cases: One or two stand-alone cases each week, requiring submission. Each practice case is provided in a downloadable format. Your facilitator will review submissions for completeness, but will not evaluate your response. You will gain access to a suggested solution immediately following submission. 
  • Objective-style questions: Weekly questions for practice and review, often in multiple-choice format. You will see the solutions as you complete the questions. 

You should expect to spend between 12 and 15 hours each week to complete the Core 1 online learning activities. 

You may require additional time to read Briefing Documents, an online reference repository. 

Facilitators will not provide feedback on late immersive case submissions or review late practice case responses for completeness. However, in extenuating circumstances, you may request an extension by following the instructions in the CPA Candidate Guide. Workload or lack of internet connection is not considered an extenuating circumstance.

The extension policy is outlined in the CPA Candidate Guide.

If you submit assignments early because of a personal commitment or event (holidays, marriage, etc.), the facilitator will, if possible, review and return your submission early.

Immersive case activities missing an initial submission are assessed as “not submitted.” Similarly, immersive case and practice case responses demonstrating little or no effort will be considered "incomplete." Several missed or incomplete responses may affect your eligibility to attempt the module examination.