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Reporting Experience FAQ

You should complete the sub-competencies areas that you feel you have demonstrated competency development through your practical experience.  To meet the Practical Experience Requirements, you are required to achieve eight (8) sub-competencies as well as core, depth and breadth.  

  • To ensure accurate reflection of your experience review, focus on your strongest areas to clearly demonstrate you have met the requirements of the Canadian CPA Designation. For full experience requirements to be met, the minimum number of required competencies is eight. 
  • You are not required to fill all available (20) competencies. Focus on areas that are the most relevant to your work experience.

To demonstrate technical proficiency, you must achieve:

  • Core – in Financial Reporting and/or Management Accounting, at least three competencies at a level 1 or greater
  • Depth – within at least one competency area, all competencies at a level 1 or greater with at least two at a level 2.
  • Breadth – overall eight competencies at level 1 or greater with at least four at level 2.
  • Try to provide at least two or three specific professional examples of sufficient complexity and autonomy that demonstrate the competency you are reporting.
  • Please specifically indicate experience where you were working with accounting standards and frameworks

Please refer to the guiding questions document.

Your resume is used in combination with your detailed Practical Experience Verification forms to determine your proficiency.  Please ensure that you have provided sufficient detail to help us understand your role, responsibilities and your proficiency level.

The review process covers all information and analysis that were initially submitted. Decision will be made on the original information. Therefore, it is important that you give the best representation and clear indication of your work experience and proficiency.

IPEV stands for International Practical Experience Verification. It is a standard form which mirrors the system where a CPA candidate can report their practical experience.  

There are detailed competency level breakdowns and explanations to help you provide more information to demonstrate your proficiency, specifically to your selected competencies. This will help us recognize your proficiency levels to match the standards of becoming a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant.

Administration (Form sign-off, etc..) FAQ

The third-party verifier of your IPEV form must be a person whom you directly reported to or who was otherwise directly accountable over carrying out of your responsibilities or overseeing the performance of your job. 

If the person to whom you directly reported is no longer available to provide the verification, it can be completed by the current appropriate senior manager, executive, officer, partner, or director of the place of employment; or a person who is in a management, executive or oversight role over your former supervisor.

For a full review, you must provide an IPEV from at least one international employer with an employment end date within the last seven (7) years. Additionally, you can request IPEVs from any relevant employer who is willing to report on your experience. You must list all employers that will be submitting this document on your International Designate Experience Recognition Form.

You can request IPEVs from as many former employers as you like. All IPEVs must be submitted together before your full review. 

Yes, you are required to create a PERT profile, even if you will be submitting for international experience review.