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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

You must be a CIMA member in good standing and: 

  • have a recognized university degree from a degree-granting institution; 
  • have completed the CIMA program by writing and passing eight exams made up of the Management Level exams (including the Management Case Study Exam), and the Strategic Level exams (including the Strategic Case Study Exam).

Note: If you are a CIMA member who got full or partial exemptions from the CIMA program for having completed a designation from another body, you won't qualify for this MOU. But, if you received exemptions from a post-secondary institution, you may qualify for this MOU upon review.

In addition to the above, if you completed or passed the Management Case Study Exam while a resident of Canada, you must have either: 

  • A university degree from a degree-granting institution of higher education outside of Canada as a result of having attended the institution in person, outside of Canada for classroom instruction on a full-time basis; or 
  • At least three years of full-time practical experience in accounting outside of Canada.

You must successfully complete: 

  • Days 2 and 3 of the Common Final Examination (CFE); and 
  • The prescribed practical experience requirements for the provincial CPA body in which you are governed.

If you're a candidate registered under the MOU, and you have over two years of post-designation professional accounting experience, you will be exempted from the experience requirement. 

Once we receive your completed application, we will review and determine if you qualify for exemptions. Those who don't meet the requirements during registration must submit a detailed assessment of work experience obtained before or after becoming a CIMA member. The detailed assessments will only be reviewed after your enrollment in CFE. Form can be found on My CPA Portal.

If you are eligible for the new Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”), your first opportunity to write the CFE will be in May 2024. Registration will likely open in December 2023. Please see module key dates for more info.

Per the CPA Canada Harmonized Education Policies (HEP) Vol. 1: Section 5.3, Repeating the common final examination, candidates are allowed three attempts to pass the CFE.

Per the CPA Canada Harmonized Education Policies (HEP) Vol. 1: Section 5.3, Repeating the common final examination.

After three unsuccessful attempts, you will be withdrawn from the program. You can try again, but you have to meet the current requirements (see Section 1) and you will not get any exemptions from the CPA PEP, even if you're a member in good standing with an international accounting body that has a MOU with CPA Canada.

If you previously entered the program through the CIMA MOU pathway, you cannot re-enroll through this route again. Instead you can enroll through the International Designate pathway (IFAC).

The Capstone 2 module is designed to help you prepare for the CFE and is strongly recommended. If you are enrolled in the CIMA MOU pathway, you can choose to register for this module before writing the CFE.

Yes, you can buy the materials-only version (or Review Materials Module) of Capstone 2. This version includes practice cases, marking guides, solutions, debrief videos, etc. Please note that this is a self-study option, which means you can practice writing these cases on your own. However, there won’t be any feedback or marking, and you will not have a facilitator to ask questions or the discussion board for posting questions.

You are strongly encouraged to take the full Capstone 2 module so that you can receive feedback on your work from NMC (National Marking Centre), join discussions, and attend workshops. However, if you are in the CIMA MOU, you are already exempt from Capstone 2, so you don't have to meet the passing profile to proceed to the CFE. Check out our fees page to purchase the full module or materials-only version.

Note: Capstone 2 materials are not available until the Capstone 2 module starts. If you need access to the review materials (RMM) for core and elective modules, you can purchase them through your My CPA portal anytime after your admission has been approved.

Capstone 2 focuses on preparation for the CFE and ultimately the profession. It helps you apply the technical and enabling competencies from the CPA Competency Map, which is learned throughout the CPA PEP, to highly integrative case studies as part of your CFE preparation.

The Capstone 2 module does not have a final examination or assessment.

The CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) prepares you to successfully pass the Common Final Exam (CFE). To become a certified CPA, you need to go through education, examination, and practical experience.

After receiving your CPA certification through your provincial body, you must register for public practice service if you want to provide public services like public accounting and other regulated services, either independently, with a firm, or both.

Contact your respective provincial CPA body for information about public practice eligibility requirements:

CPAWSB learners in the CIMA MOU pathway, planning to practice public accounting, must show their competence in Financial Reporting and Assurance roles on the CFE. Those who pass the CFE but lack depth in these areas must complete the Post Designation Public Accounting (PDPA) module and exam after becoming CPAs.

You are eligible for the MRAs if you completed the full CPA PEP program.

However, if you joined the CPA program through the CIMA MOU, you might not have reciprocity with other accounting bodies. Please reach out to your respective accounting body directly to learn about the admission requirements to MRAs membership.

Candidates who register under the MOU pathway are required to pay the following fees: 




Dues & fees required with admission application consists of:

Transcript Assessment Fee

​$100 + GST

Initial Registration Fee

$450 + GST

Annual Candidate Due (may be pro-rated)

Cost varies with registration session: 

  • Spring + Summer: $1070 + GST 
  • Fall + Winter: $535 + GST

Annual Candidate Dues (Annual reenrollment and dues)

New academic year begins every April (spring session)

$1070 + GST

Common Final Examination (CFE)  Days 2 & 3 only  $1350 + GST 

Other fees for optional modules include: 
•    Capstone Modules $1320 each + GST 
•    Review Materials (RMM) $250 each + GST
The fees quoted above are current as of September 2023. Please note that fees are subject to change and you should therefore refer to our website at fees ( for the current module and examination fees.

The CFE registration dates are posted a year in advance. Please review the schedule and register on time to ensure you secure a spot at your chosen exam centre and avoid any late fees.