Meet Bradley Keefe, Award-winning Facilitator

Mar 15, 2017

Like many who join the accounting profession, Bradley Keefe, CPA, CA, had a family friend who was a member. And while conversations with the family friend set the stage for him to consider pursuing a similar career, learning about the opportunities that a designation presents and the respect that it garners helped convince Bradley to decide to study accounting at the University of Manitoba. While there, Bradley applied for a position with the office of the provincial auditor general, where he completed his practical experience and then continued working for nearly 15 years. He recently joined a small public practice accounting firm.

Since 2007, Bradley has been involved in accounting education, first as a facilitator for the CA program, and now as a facilitator and session leader for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). He started because of his experiences receiving support from instructors. “I wanted to work with candidates to help calm their nerves.” When speaking with candidates Bradley emphasizes “the connection between working hard and achieving success. The program rewards hard work.”

He also inspires candidates by drawing on the immense pride he has for the profession. “So much of the work is about adding value and helping others make decisions. Whether it’s providing help with getting loans, hiring people, or making other business decisions, CPAs are business advisors. The profession is often downplayed: doctors save lives, lawyers are important for court and legal matters, and people don’t realize how important CPAs are for business.”

As a session leader in Core 1, the first module of CPA PEP, Bradley has the opportunity to connect with candidates when they start the program. “I encourage them to break the work down, write down their goals, and have a plan. And learn from their mistakes.”

He knows the importance of setting goals as a competitive runner, a passion that complements his professional life: “It helps with the stress of work and life, and allowed me to stay balanced. I never come back from a run more frustrated then when I started.”

Bradley was recently recognized by CPAWSB with the KBH Outstanding Facilitator Award for his notable and positive impact on candidates and his dedication to excellence.

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