When will my CPAWSB course grade show up on my transcript assessment?

Apr 21, 2023
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Have you completed some or all of your CPA prerequisites with CPAWSB? Here are the two most frequently asked questions about when your transcript assessment will be updated with the result.

How do I get my transcript assessment updated when I complete a CPA preparatory course(s)?

You do not need to take any action to have your transcript assessment updated after you complete a CPA preparatory course(s). Please allow time as we manually update your transcript as we work through the queue. This can take at least 10 weeks from the time the marks are released.

What happens with my assessment result when I have passed a CPA preparatory course(s)?

Once your grades are updated, we will evaluate if there is an update required for your transcript assessment result. Your assessment results will change according to one of the criteria below:
  1. PEP Ineligible: If one or more courses are still outstanding, you will remain PEP Ineligible.
  2. PEP Conditional Core 1: Your prerequisite courses have been completed or are in progress*; you have accumulated 120 credit hours; and your degree is conferred (awarded) or in progress. In this case, you will receive a PEP conditional Core 1 result. As a PEP Conditional Core 1 candidate, you are conditionally eligible to take part in the Core 1 CPA PEP module.
  3. PEP Eligible: Your status will remain PEP Conditional Core 1 until all requirements are met and you have enrolled in the CPA PEP program. Once this process is complete, your status will be updated to PEP Eligible.  
*All prerequisite courses must be completed before the Core 1 module start date; however, your CPA preparatory course grade(s) may not be updated until after you have started Core 1. If you fail your CPA preparatory course while enrolled in Core 1, you will be withdrawn with a full refund on Core 1 and contacted to discuss further action. 

Contact us

It's important to note that if you have any questions or concerns about your transcript assessment or CPA PEP status, you can contact the Transcript Assessment department by email at transcriptassessment@cpawsb.ca or by phone 1.866.420.2350 Ex 6003. 

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