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Candidates who fail at Level 1 and are assigned an overall sufficiency grouping of 1 or 2 may want to request and pay for a re-mark of their results (formerly an appeal). Candidates who passed Level 1 but failed to demonstrate competence in one specific competency area at any of Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 may want to request a re-mark.

A PAR will detail the weaknesses that are evident in the candidate’s response and profile the elements of the response where the candidate’s performance did not meet the standard. The analysis will not give feedback on the areas where the minimum standard was met (areas where candidates performed well are not commented on). 

Sample PARs can be found here:

Automated Feedback report - Day 1 only

To support failing candidates with more timely feedback, the Board of Examiners provides an automated feedback report for Day 1 of the CFE. The report is automatically generated using the marking data collected for each response rather than being based on a personalized review of the response. It is therefore being provided at no cost to all failing Day 1 candidates. This report is intended to allow for the identification of the key deficiencies in the candidate’s Day 1 response, which then allows the candidate to decide whether to request the more detailed personalized performance analysis report noted above, for a fee. 

As noted above, it is recommended that you wait to receive your automatic feedback report before deciding whether to purchase a Day 1 PAR. Automated feedback reports will be available on Wednesday, December 7 by 1 pm MT. Reports will be available for download from the Candidate National Marks Portal . You will not be notified once the reports are ready therefore, we recommend that you check for your report on December 7 after 1 pm MT.

Sample Day 1 automated feedback report:


No re-mark

Re-mark Day 1

Re-mark Day 2/3

Re-mark all days






PAR Day 1





PAR Day 2/3





PAR All days





All fees are GST applicable.

Should a candidate’s fail standing be changed to a pass standing upon re-marking, the detailed performance analysis will not be performed, and any associated fees will be refunded.