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For more information on future CFEs offerings that have been scheduled please visit the CFE schedule webpage. The website includes key information such as the exam date, registration period and withdrawal deadlines. 

Once the registration period opens for a specific CFE, you can register for your next CFE attempt through the My CPA portal.

Day 1 Schedule

  • Day 1 of the CFE is based on a previous Capstone 1 case, with each Capstone 1 case being used for two offerings of the CFE Day 1. After a CFE Day 1 case has been tested twice, it will be retired and not tested again.
  • Unsuccessful Day 1 CFE writers have the option of registering to write any upcoming CFE Day 1 case as posted publicly on the CPA Canada Capstones webpage. It is highly recommended candidates review over this webpage when considering which CFE Day 1 case they want to write in their next CFE attempt.

Unsuccessful Day 1 CFE Writers Cannot Retake Capstone 1

  • Once a CFE candidates successfully passes Capstone 1 they will no longer be able to enroll in this module. 
  • If an unsuccessful Day 1 CFE writer chooses to write a Day 1 case that is different than their Capstone 1 case, they will be emailed the relevant Capstone 1 case after the CFE registration period closes.
  • Shortly after Capstone 1 concludes, candidates can obtain the related Capstone 1 case and the sample strong response directly from the CPA Canada Capstones webpage

Day 1 Board of Examiners’ Feedback Comments

  • Unsuccessful Day 1 CFE writers can review “Part B” of the most recent CFE Board of Examiners’ Report on the CPA Canada website. The report will provide more information about how candidates were assessed in prior CFE Day 1 cases.

Candidates who were unsuccessful for Days 2 and 3 of the CFE must retake both Days 2 and 3 of the CFE in a future offering.  

CFE Day 2 

  • Unsuccessful Days 2 and 3 CFE writers have the option to keep or change their elective depth role which is evaluated in Day 2 of the CFE. As a reminder the four elective depth roles available to candidates for Day 2 of the CFE are:  
    • Assurance 
    • Finance 
    • Performance Management 
    • Taxation 
  • When deciding their Day 2 depth role, candidates should consider what their strengths are and the practical experience they have gained to date. This blog post provides additional considerations candidates can consider when selecting their Day 2 depth role. 
  • It is recommended that CFE writers choose a depth role that correlates to one of the two elective modules that was completed in PEP. However, CFE writers have the option to choose any of the four elective roles noted above. 
  • When registering for Days 2 and 3 of a future CFE offering, please disregard the Day 1 description on the registration page and choose either CFE option in My CPA Portal.

CFE Days 2/3 Board of Examiners’ Feedback Comments

“Part A” of the CFE Board of Examiners’ Report (issued by CPA Canada) provides additional information about how candidates were assessed in Day 2 and Day 3 CFE cases for prior CFEs.  

Retaking Capstone 2

Unsuccessful CFE writers have the option to retake in Capstone 2 prior to their next CFE attempt. Candidates who retake Capstone 2 will have access to the most recent CFE cases. For a list of the cases used in Capstone 2 please visit the CPA Canada Capstones webpage.

Please note that for unsuccessful CFE writers who retake Capstone 2 it will not affect their eligibility status to write their next CFE attempt. These candidates will have the option to select which cases they would like to submit for feedback. 

Alternatively, unsuccessful CFE writers have the option to purchase Capstone 2 materials-only module (for a fee of $250). This option grants access to the practice cases utilized in the most recent version of Capstone 2. However, writers cannot get their responses externally marked by Capstone 2 markers.

For information about registering for Capstone 2 please visit the CPAWSB Capstone 2 Schedule webpage for more information.  

Review Materials Module (RMM)

Please visit the RMM webpage to learn about registering for a RMM. Please note RMMs are available for core and elective modules only. There is no RMM available for Capstone 1. 

The following table outlines the fees associated with registering for your next CFE attempt. All fees are GST applicable.

CFE Re-write all days $1,750
CFE Re-write Day 1 only $825
CFE Re-write Days 2 and 3 only $1,350
CFE Wait List Fee $310
Capstone 2 (Full) $1,320
Capstone 2 materials-only option (only for unsuccessful CFE writers) $250
Review Materials Module (RMM) (price per module) $250