Meet Sam Nguyen, CPA, CA, an Award-Winning CPAWSB Facilitator

Mar 21, 2018

CPAWSB recently presented Sam Nguyen, CPA, CA, with the KBH Facilitator Award, which recognizes facilitators or session leaders who have had a notable and positive impact on their candidates and approach their role with dedication to excellence.

Sam Nguyen, CPA, CA, was drawn to the accounting profession after having taken a business course in high school and receiving encouragement from his family. The Manitoba native was interested in the foundation and insight that accounting offers into the business world. “Accounting gives you the tools an excellent foundation to start, manage and/ or develop a business, and the CPA designation opens up many exciting and rewarding career opportunities for graduates.” After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting with honours, Sam started his career by securing a permanent position with a local Chartered Accountants firm, and earned his designation in 2013. He has since moved on to other senior positions in industry accounting and finance, which he greatly enjoys.

Since 2014, Sam has been facilitating modules for the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) as working with people, particularly coaching, mentoring, and training others, has always been something he enjoyed. As a facilitator, he can help others move forward in their careers. Sam also appreciates how the modules are set up to focus on case writing and real-life business analysis.

Sam is also involved with the School by training new facilitators and coordinating examinations. Both educationally and professionally, Sam finds all work that he does with the School personally rewarding overall.

Sam suggests that candidates develop schedules for both professional work and academic work to help find more time in the day. “It’s a demanding program, with great emphasis on self-study and research, analysis, and applying technical knowledge to real-life business scenarios.” He reminds  candidates to “be patient and enjoy the process, consider their overall progress, and identify their weak performance areas as aspects to continually improve on.” Sam also encourages candidates to “establish their own work-life balance and keep pursuing their other interests and hobbies as they go through the program”.

As an outdoors and fitness enthusiast, he enjoys travelling and running to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

CPAWSB is proud to have Sam as part of its team. Congratulations, Sam!

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