The 10 Most Read CPAWSB Blog Posts from 2020

Dec 11, 2020

Just in case you missed one of these, or you want to read them again, we’ve compiled this year’s most-read blog posts from the CPAWSB archive.

1. Study Time: Preparing for the Module Exam – Gearing up to study for your module exam can seem daunting. This post shares some tips to get you started. – June 4, 2020
2. Preparing for the CFE – A compilation of posts to help you study for the CFE. – August 21, 2020
3. Plagiarism Investigations from 2019 – The types of plagiarism cases and the number of cases found in 2019 (CPA PEP and CPA preparatory courses). – February 6, 2020
4. June 2020 CPA assessments Outlines the changes to the CPA exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. – April 17, 2020
5. New Year New Utilization: Incorporating PEP module changes to your study plan – Three tactics candidates can employ to add or edit their study plan to make effective use of these new or revised items. – January 30, 2020
6. Practical tactics and time-saving tools: Part 1 – Using a larger goal to work backwards from. Part 2 follows with the tools, the daily tasks we complete to work towards that larger goal. – July 17, 2020
7. Planning your path through CPA PEP to your CPA designation – Another compilation, this one includes posts that will help you decide the best route for you. – October 30, 2020
8. Tough Love: This journey is difficult – Different strategies to show kindness to yourself, both during and outside pandemic times. – November 13, 2020
9. Practice Like You Play: The Importance of Writing in Exam-Like Conditions – Regular contributor and CPAWSB Lead Policy Advisor Samantha Taylor offers counterarguments to common objections she’s heard from candidates over the years. – February 21, 2020
10. Preparing for the September 2020 CPA PEP exams – Tools for self-empowerment as well as links to help candidates study for the CFE. – September 11, 2020