CPA PEP Facilitator Mentor Program

May 1, 2020

When you take a CPA PEP module, you will be assigned a facilitator. However, did you know that your facilitator has a mentor to help them, help you? 

The purpose of the facilitator-mentor program is to uphold CPA Canada’s quality control goals and support facilitators. Mentors work closely with facilitators to identify ways to provide even more value to candidates motivating facilitators to their best work. All mentors are also facilitating the module and have mentors.  

Each week, mentors review the content of emails between facilitators and candidates to ensure the responses are comprehensive and add value while adhering to policies. Mentors also review feedback guides for each facilitator to ensure the ratings are appropriate and that the quality of the feedback meets CPAWSB’s standards. 

The ideal mentor takes the opportunity to not only help others improve, but also to learn from his or her peers. There are many ways to be an effective facilitator, and facilitators may have different approaches depending on the module. For example, a core module facilitator may provide more direction on communication as candidates familiarize themselves with CPA PEP, whereas an elective facilitator may focus more on technical competencies.  

Mentors also assist facilitators with technical knowledge and policy related questions. Yes, sometimes your questions stump the facilitators and they want to double-check before providing you with an answer.  

As you can see, the CPA PEP program is always looking to improve. As a learner, you benefit from this process by getting the best education from the best educators! 

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