Packing Up and Moving from CPA Preparatory Courses to CPA PEP

Oct 1, 2021
If you have applied to CPA PEP after completing CPA preparatory courses, you will have a balance owing. The balance reflects the pro-rated difference between the CPA preparatory course annual dues of $580 + GST and the CPA PEP annual dues of $1020 + GST.
Candidates who enter CPA PEP without first registering in the CPA preparatory course are charged regular dues at the time of entry into CPA PEP. However, for CPA preparatory course students who transition to CPA PEP, this fee is invoiced after eligibility to participate in Core 1 has been confirmed.
Please see below for the amount candidates transitioning to CPA PEP from CPA preparatory courses will be charged based on the Core 1 session:
Month of Core 1 Start CPA Preparatory Courses Dues Paid (annual) CPA PEP Initial Registration Fee – paid at time of application Prorated CPA PEP Dues Owing (Assessed at time of Core 1 start)
April – September (Starting Core 1 in the session of Spring, Summer, or Extended Summer sessions) $580 + GST $430 + GST $440 + GST
October – March (Starting Core 1 in the session of Fall, Winter, or Extended Winter sessions) $580 + GST $430 + GST $220 + GST
Once CPA PEP dues are assessed, CPA preparatory course students will be contacted and given instructions on how to pay the outstanding fees. Payment must be made within 30 days of assessment.

Please contact the Admission Services team for questions regarding CPA PEP dues at 1 866 420 2350 ext. 6004 or email