Am I eligible to study in CPA PEP as a temporary resident?

May 27, 2022
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As the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), all CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) applicants must meet Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IIRC) residency requirements to be admitted to CPAWSB. If you are wondering what those residency requirements are, this week's blog post is for you!

1. Do I need a valid study permit to enter CPA PEP?

Yes, IRCC mandates that all applicants to a DLI who are not Canadian citizens must either be approved permanent residents or hold a valid study permit to register in the program. Having in-progress study permit or permanent resident applications or having only a work permit is not enough for entry into CPA PEP.

2. I do not have a study permit and want to enter CPA PEP. What should I do?

You will need to apply for a study permit and forward a copy of it to us once it has been approved. 
  • First, if you haven’t already and you are applying with an international or domestic degree or as a mature candidate, you will need to submit a CPAWSB transcript assessment to confirm your eligibility to enter CPA PEP. If you are applying from an accredited program, are an MOU applicant, or are transferring from another region, you do not need a transcript assessment. Please contact for specific instructions.
  • Once you are determined to be CPA PEP eligible, please email confirming your name and contact information in My CPA portal are correct and request an Appendix to the Study Permit letter. This document, which has been reviewed by IRCC, will aid your study permit application. 
The Appendix to the Study Permit letter will be issued within three business days and once you have it, you can apply to IRCC for a study permit. Applying for a study permit requires considerable time and resources. If you have any questions regarding the study permit process or your study permit application, please contact one of the following: 
Once the study permit application has been approved, please send a copy of it to and submit a CPA PEP Admission Application through My CPA Portal.

3. I am an active CPA PEP candidate and my study permit is expiring soon, what should I do?

If your study permit is expiring soon, you must submit a renewal application to IRCC before your study permit expires. To request a status letter (Appendix to the Study Permit) to aid your renewal application, please submit your request in My CPA Portal after confirming that your name and contact information is correct. We will issue you the letter within three business days.

4. Do I need to maintain a valid study permit while in CPA PEP? What if my study permit expires while I am in CPA PEP and I have not submitted a renewal application?

You are required to have a valid study permit on file from when you are accepted in CPA PEP until you become a CPA member. If a renewal application or valid study permit is not forwarded to us before your study permit expires, you may be involuntarily withdrawn from CPA PEP. Please review involuntarily withdrawals from CPA PEP for more information. 

Please note: ONLY a valid study permit or renewal application are accepted. Neither an in-progress Permanent Resident application nor a work permit meet the study permit requirements to maintain candidate status. 

Residency Status Change

If your residency status has changed and you are now a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, please provide your documentation to and we will update your account.
Have more questions? Please reach out to our PEP Admission Services team at