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When and how can I access the Statement of Completion for the CPA preparatory courses?

Sep 9, 2022
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When you have successfully completed a CPA preparatory course, you will receive a Statement of Completion from your Brightspace (D2L) account. It can be printed.

Note: The Statement of Completion is only issued for courses completed after the 2018 Semester 3 (July start) academic session.

A Statement of Completion will include:

  • Course name 
  • ​Course description
  • Issue date
  • Issuer name (CPA Canada).
We recommend you to download a PDF copy and save it for your records. The Statement of Completion can only be accessed through D2L. You cannot generate a PDF copy if your D2L account has been deactivated or if you lose access to your courses.  

How can I download the Statement of Completion if I lose access to D2L?

You can create a Mozilla Backpack account to share your Statements of Completion even after you no longer have access to D2L. You can use Mozilla Backpacks to store and move your statements (also known as badges) between platforms, ensuring that you retain control over your own data and can organize and share collections of badges with relevant audiences.

Accessing your Statement of Completion:

  1. After you successfully complete a course, log into your Brightspace account. A Statement of Completion pop-up window will appear and generate your statement.
  2. ​Alternatively, you can access your awards by clicking on Awards from the navigation bar. 
    • Click View Awards. The Awards screen will display your Statement(s) of Completion.
Please note: A statement of completion is only issued after completing the full CPA preparatory course and is unavailable for successfully passing challenge exams with CPAWSB. If you have rewritten an exam, you may experience a delay in obtaining a Statement of Completion and are encouraged to contact the CPA Student Support Web Portal directly to resolve any issues with accessing your Statement of Completion.

Printing your Statement of Completion:

  1. After accessing your Statement of Completion, click on the image of the course you completed. A screen will display the details of the course.
  2. Click Generate Certificate. The Statement of Completion will appear.

Uploading and sharing with Mozilla Backpacks:

  1. After accessing your Statement of Completion, click on the image of the course you completed. A screen will display the details of the course.
  2. Click Share. The Share My Award screen will prompt you to create or login to your Mozilla Backpack account.
  3. Enter your email address twice and click Share to Mozilla Backpack. The badges you earn will be linked to your email address, so use the same email to sign into the Mozilla Backpack. 
  4. Click Yes to accept the badge. A confirmation screen will appear.

If you have any questions about the Statement of Completion, please submit a ticket through the CPA Student Support Web Portal

CPA Preparatory Courses Student Experience Team
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