What's the learning format for a non-core CPA preparatory course?

Sep 23, 2022
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The CPA preparatory courses offer an affordable and efficient way to take any or all of the fourteen prerequisite courses required for entry to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) if you have not already attained them as part of your post-secondary studies. CPA preparatory courses are delivered part-time in a focused and flexible format. The fourteen CPA preparatory courses are divided into five non-core and nine core courses. This blog post discusses the learning format, materials, and grading scheme specifically for non-core courses. We will discuss the core courses in a future post.

Non-core courses registration and learning format

Study materials

Brightspace (D2L) contains all course materials and resources. You must first complete the Academic Integrity Quiz and Training Contract to unlock course materials. 

Access e-textbooks through Brightspace (D2L)

  • The e-textbook overview covers the course topics. Please note, you cannot print the e-textbook due to copyright laws.

Access e-textbooks through the Bookshelf app

  • Downloaded the app on your mobile device or computer through your app store. Register on Bookshelf to access your e-textbook on their app. 

Please contact the Brightspace Helpdesk Portal if you have any questions. 

Grading scheme

The final examination is worth 100% of your final grade. An overall grade of 50% or higher is considered a passing grade. 

Each non-core course concludes with a final exam that you must write on a scheduled exam date within one year of the initial course registration at a CPAWSB exam centre. Students who do not complete the final exam within the one-year time limit will fail the course.  This failed course is considered an attempt. Students must retake the course to be eligible for another examination attempt. If you attempted the exam and were unsuccessful, you can apply for a course repeat at a reduced fee. Students only have one opportunity to access the reduced-fee course repeat per non-core preparatory course.


Non-core courses have four quizzes that will provide practice for your exam. These are optional but highly recommended. Quizzes do not contribute to your overall course mark.

Final examination

Please refer to the CPA Preparatory Courses Exam Blueprint for details on the exam format and length. 

If you have any questions about your non-core course registration, please contact the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at prepadvising@cpawsb.ca.

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